About Us

Globus Maritime Services LLC is a company established in the United Arab Emirates and have associate offices in United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Austria, China, Italy, Turkey, and Tanzania.

We provide Manpower, equipment machinery and Vessel chartering related to Offshore EPC sector and at the best price possible.

We offer expert technical and sales service for all customers and our specialization being our flexible approach to meet our individual client’s specific requirements at all times.


Our vision is to be the best global company by providing people with exceptional quality products and services.


Our mission is to achieve sustainable growth by excelling in every aspect of our operation:

  • Consistency in supplying quality products
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Superior Financial Performance
  • Setting consistent standards across all operations so as to provide a safe and healthy environment
  • Efficient infrastructure

At Globus, we have always shown our commitment to safety, environment, and society by recognizing and implementing good practice in encouraging a culture of responsibility in everything we do.